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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  October 7, 2012 4:00am-5:00am PDT

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good morning, america. this morning, freeze warnings posted in 23 states. record low temperatures. 30-degree drops in some places and snow in others. are we skipping fall and going right to winter? infestation nation, they're called stink bugs for a reason and they are everywhere. a pest problem is now affecting homes in 38 states and the outbreak is growing moving indoors as the temperature drops. >> o'reilly versus stewart, fox star versus newsman, conservative versus liberal, tall versus short, it's the political debate of the century, sort of. >> right now bill o'reilly is calling my audience on the phone to try to figure out how to download this thing. >> and fully charged. david blaine is at it again, the man who's been buried alive and
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encased in ice is now playing with electricity. our reporter actually got close enough to talk to him. >> you okay? we're all looking at that david blaine video for the first time. there has to be an easier way to make a living. >> he gets bored too easily. >> we were driving by him on the highway in a taxi, her question was how does he go to the bathroom if he's up there for 72 hours? >> we have an answer so you want to stay tuned. >> also this morning the unsolved mystery in colorado, the massive search for a 10-year-old who vanished on her way to school and police are contending with a lack of clue, cold weather and the ticking clock. >> it's 30 days until the election day and the obama campaign has just released a staggering fund-raising number, george stephanopoulos is here to
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talk about who has more momentum heading into this final month before the election. >> 30 days to go as you say and look who is getting the last word on the presidential debate. he found himself in the cross fire and last night, big bird hitting back. he went on "snl." he really is big when you see him next to a human being and he was let's just say diplomatic about the whole thing. we'll tell you what he said coming up. >> but first ginger zee with more on that freeze warning in parts of the country, we're wearing long sleeves. >> i felt it this morning as did so many millions of americans across the nation. lease start with a look at just how cold it is this morning. it's not just freeze warnings, but it's freeze watches, frost advisories that cover the nearly two dozen states this morning. amarillo even 37 degrees, wichita is 36, kansas city, right above the freezing mark. now, what happens is we look for today's highs and that's where you'll really feel the difference from yesterday, places like dallas, almost 30 degrees below average, they're at 55, they should be or average is 81.
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atlanta, not even 70 today. so the cold has really settled in and it's going to stick around for tomorrow morning so as everyone goes back to work and school, look at the numbers, omaha, just above freezing there. jackson, mississippi, only in the mid-40s. wait till you see the full forecast going into the week. i'll have this all coming up and a full look at the nation's weather too in just a couple of minutes. back to dan. >> thank you, ginger. t-minus 30 days till the election. president obama announced he has raised nearly a billion dollars in campaign shall ka. meanwhile, mitt romney riding his post debate momentum into a must win state for him, florida, it's "your voice, your vote" and abc's david kerley is in orlando with 30 days to go. david, good morning to you, sir. >> reporter: good morning to you, dan. you know, mitt romney is really trying to build on that debate momentum so he's spending another day here in florida where the campaign says that the race is tightening and romney got one of his biggest crowds ever last night in a state he really has to win.
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>> that was a florida welcome. thank you very much. >> reporter: one of mitt romney's biggest crowds ever, more than 6,000 supporters near orlando in a state he needs to win. >> we're going to overcome the challenges we have. i'm counting on florida to win this for me on november 6th. >> reporter: the crowd energized about the candidate's chances after that first debate. >> when it came to jobs and the economy, he doesn't really have anything to add to what he's been doing over the last four years. i don't think we could afford four more years like the last four years. >> reporter: even though there is less than a month to election day, both candidates are doing more than just pressing the flesh. they're still raising money. tonight in los angeles mr. obama will be joined by bill clinton at a fund-raiser. and the president continues to shatter records. he's nearly doubled the number of fund-raisers george bush held and has dwarfed his other predecessors. it's paid off. last month a new fund-raising
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record, $181 million in just 30 days. a total of 835 million breaking his own record of four years ago. mitt romney has raised at least $548 million and here's what's remarkable, if both men had stayed in what's known as the public financing system in which they can't take huge donations but then get matching federal funds, they could have only each spent $135 million. that means the president has really raised six times what he would have been allowed if he had stayed in the public financing system. now, mitt romney is going to continue today to try and flip florida into his column. he has another appearance in port st. lucie later on today. >> astonishing number, david, thank you. we'll turn to the political showdown not between presidential candidates, but rather cable tv heavyweights and in one corner "the daily show's" jon stewart and in the other
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bill o'reilly of fox news. at times decorum went out the window and so many people wanted to watch online last night that the server actually crashed. abc's reena ninan has the story from washington. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, bianna. they really are the odd couple. bill o'reilly versus jon stewart taking on the heavy issues of this election season with, of course, humorous spin on it all. >> we are merely weeks from being a failed state or even worse, greece and the way to solve it is to kill big bird. >> reporter: it's the debate that is election season that is clocking in the laughs. >> drones, yes, waterboards, no. >> may i borrow one of your cards for this? >> no. >> reporter: fox news anchor bill o'reilly. >> adios, sayonara, aloha, it's boring. >> reporter: took on comedian jon stewart in a 90-minute debate with topics ranging from funding pbs. >> give me my money back, the
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$800 billion to the iraq war and children's television is on the house. >> reporter: to taxes. >> why is it that if you take advantage of a tax break and you're a corporation you're a smart businessman. but if you take advantage of something that you need to not be hungry you're a moocher. >> reporter: and even foreign policy. >> it appears that the american foreign policy has been to go into the middle east and try to buy friends. does that ever work? >> yeah, we can buy friends. >> reporter: there were moments you'll likely never see in the presidential debate. >> you just begrudged -- >> you've been begrudging all night. >> no. >> this is nothing but begrudging. >> reporter: there's hair advice for bridging the bipartisan divide in congress. one major snafu of the night, some viewers had difficulties streaming the debate live. there was so much demand it overloaded the servers. >> this whole idea is insanity.
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>> reporter: prompting tweets like this. your site is more broken than america. the rumble 2012 will soon bel toed by the refund 2012. at a press conference after the debate, bill o'reilly responded and said if fib wants their 4$ 9 $4.95 back they'll send it back to you. >> lincoln douglas, it was not, reena ninan, thanks very much. bill o'reilly will be live on "this week" with george stephanopoulos and we happen to have george right here to talk about it. it was a revealing moment you pointed out where bill o'reilly criticized so-called assassin politicians who go on cable news shows and spread extreme views that they don't actually believe. are you going to ask him about that. >> i think so. we want to talk to him about that. some say that's what happens on his networks. other networks every single day. that was really something, the top frenemies in cable television going at it. they seem to like each other in the end a lot more than barack obama and mitt romney. >> absolutely.
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i think that's a safe assertion. speaking of those two, we're going to start to see polls now reflecting this lackluster debate performance that a lot say barack obama put in this past week over the next 24 hours. what do you expect we'll see. >> some momentum for mitt romney in those national polls, the daily tracking national polls. he's definitely picked up. also has a lot more excitement with his crowds right now and it seems like it's re-energized his campaign but what i'll watch are those polls in the key battleground states like ohio, virginia, florida, colorado, those have to start closing up for mitt romney as well, so far they haven't, in fact, there is a new poll out this morning coming out of the university of denver showing barack obama maintains a four-point lead in colorado. >> and it is the battleground states where this race will be won. >> absolutely. >> very quickly, vice presidential race. any pest depth for a vice presidential debate impacting the trajectory of a race? >> not -- probably one of the most serious debate moments everywhere lloyd bentson took on
4:10 am
dan quayle and said you're no jack kennedy but in the end george h.w. bush still won that race. >> george stephanopoulos, thank you very much. great to see you here on the set this morning. george has a big show this morning featuring romney campaign senior adviser ed gillespie and obama campaign senior adviser robert gibbs and also bill o'reilly and george will co-anchor along with diane sawyer our coverage of the vice presidential debate this thursday night moderated by abc's award-winning correspondent martha raddatz starting at 9:00 eastern, 6:00 pacific. >> looking forward to see martha moderate that debate. for now the other top headlines. for that we go to ron. >> we'll begin with new concerns coming out of syria about the civil war in that country. "the new york times" is reporting that saudi arabia and qatar are sending money and small arms to rebels but are refusing to provide heavier weapons because of objections by the united states. the government is worried that weapons like shoulder-fired missiles could end up in the hands of terrorists and
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meanwhile, syrian president bashar assad made a rare appearance, first time since march. two more u.s. service members have been killed in action in afghanistan. they were killed by insurgents in the eastern part of that country bringing the death toll this year to at least 257 americans. and a navy s.e.a.l. who gave his life in afghanistan was honored on saturday, the navy's newest ship, "uss michael murphy." it is named for the first awarded the medal of honor during that war in afghanistan. murphy was killed trying to save fellow s.e.a.l.s during an ambush back in 2005. nearly two dozen people injured when a bus overturned in new jersey saturday. the bus traveling from toronto, canada, to new york went off an exit ramp sliding down an embankment br stopping finally on its side. eight of the passengers were critically injured but none considered life-threatening. police believe the bus driver was driving too fast.
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finally here's something any football fan, he will well, any bratwurst fan would want at their tailgate. this is, check this out -- the world's largest or rather longest bratwurst, wisconsin supermarket set the record on saturday cooking and serving the 52-inch -- sorry, 52-foot, 2 inch sausage, even had a bun custom-made to fit it in the grocery store. $20,000 spe spent on the brat and organizing the event and shattered by the way the old record set by the bird hawk restaurant in chicago, the old record was 47 feet. that record defunct. >> who knew this is something people set records on? >> they didn't send any our way. >> i wish they would have. i love bratwurst. now to the sky high cost at the pump. nowhere is the price higher than in the state of california where this morning there is yet another new record high for a gallon of gas. no matter where you live if you've got sticker shock now, you're in for one more jolt before things get better.
4:13 am
bringing us the story is the newest member of our team brandi hitt who joins us live from los angeles. good morning, brandi and welcome. >> reporter: good morning, bianna. oh, thank you so much. california gas prices set another new record overnight and drivers cringe every time they pull up to stations like this one where it's 5.69 for supreme but oil industry experts say relief is on the way. california motorists woke this morning to a cruel price hike at the pump after jumping dramatically overnight the average gallon of gas is now the highest in the nation, at 4.65 and climbing. >> gas prices are almost $5 a gallon. i mean it's ridiculous. my car takes almost $100 to fill it up. >> reporter: drivers haven't seen these prices since 2008. gas in new york, connecticut and new hampshire are also high for the year. and drivers in the pacific northwest are feeling the pinch, as well. experts say refinery issues have created tight supplies. in california, power problems
4:14 am
took exxon's plant out of commission early last week. and a fire at a richmond refinery in august added to a shortfall already created by pipeline problems. some independent station owners citing the high cost of wholesale fuel has even stopped selling gas altogether. >> i hate to say this but it looks like i'm going to shut it down after all these years in the business, close to 30 years. >> reporter: but analysts say fuel prices may level off this week. now that operations are back on line at the exxon plant. >> it means more supply, which means the wholesale market will start to calm down a little bit and that will bring prices down for the retail market, as well. >> reporter: in fact, some stations that saw dramatic price spikes near $6 a gallon earlier this week are already starting to lower them. and there's a saying that oil experts often use, gas prices will shoot up like a rocket and then slowly drop like a feather so that means we likely won't see any major relief at the pump for at least a week.
4:15 am
bianna? >> last thing consumers need to deal with right now. all right, brandi, thank you. we'll turn now to the rising death toll from a meningitis outbreak. seven confirmed dead while more than 60 people in nine states are currently being treated for the life-threatening disease. the latest confirmed cases in minnesota and ohio. the illnesses are linked to a steroid produced by avengety pharmacy in massachusetts. talking about how serious it is is dr. jennifer ashton. thanks for coming in. people hear meningitis and panic. how serious? >> they panic for good reason. most of the time we are talking about meningitis caused about i a bacteria and can be fatal one in ten times. there's a little defense. this is meningitis, an inflammation around the brain and spinal cord caused about i a fungus. much less common but can be just as deadly. we're talking about symptoms, nausea, high fever, stiff neck and this is what we're seeing in this outbreak. >> it's being linked to that steroid injection. how so?
4:16 am
>> right, so the thinking intoer is that it's a contamination in either the production or packaging process as you said, this is a preservative-free steroid that came from a pharmacy in massachusetts. bianna, this i've distributed over 17,000 doses of this drug. it has been recalled but obviously the cdc is urging anyone who's had this injection in their back, steroid injection after july 1st to contact the doctor or the clinic that they got it from to find out if it came from massachusetts. >> quickly what are symptoms to look for. >> fever, nausea, stiff neck, generalized body aches, these are thing if you had this steroid injection this your back you want to get to your doctor or medical facility right away and get medical attention. >> better safe than sorry. you think we'll see pore cases. >> there can be a lag time of up to a month. >> scary stuff. we appreciate you coming in, dr. ashton. thanks. dan? >> now to infestation nation. as the temperatures drop, nasty stink bugs are moving inside hiding in attics and walls waiting for spring and if they
4:17 am
have not reached your area just wait. these things are spreading. abc's john schriffen is on the story. >> reporter: they're creepy, crawly and not to mention stinky. >> there's millions of them. it's the worst thing i've ever seen in my life. >> reporter: this man says he's tried everything to keep these pesky stink bugs from overrunning his home in northern virginia. stomp them and they'll hit you with a pungent blast. spray or sweep them and they just keep coming back. it's gotten so bad, some days he has to change his clothes in the garage before he can go inside. >> it's the whole neighborhood is covered. everybody up here has got the same problem. >> reporter: it's not just virginia. this guy in pittsburgh can't seem to catch a break either from his home to his car, even his hat. >> i've tried some of the off the market traps and different sprays which did nothing for us. i mean the bugs just laughed at them and they keep coming. >> reporter: even worse, they're
4:18 am
spreading. more than half of the country has already got a whiff of these little buggers. this year, five who are states have been added to the list bringing the total to 38. the biggest problem area, the mid-atlantic, 59% of people in the nation's capital have had a beef with the bug. compared to 21% as the national average. the good news, they won't sting or bite. the bad news, they eat everything in sight. researchers say it could be the biggest threat to farms or your garden in the past 40 years. now, there are some tips to keep these stink bugs outside of your house. ex-experts say it's important to seal up cracks around doors or windows and because the bugs are attracted to light, limit the amount you shine outsidement now, if they do get in, one of the most effective tooles you can use, a vacuum but it is important to note, once you vacuum, get rid of the bag because they can crawl out
4:19 am
quickly. >> i bet you were psyched with we gave you this assignment. >> i actually lived in washington, d.c. so i know all about these guys. they're not fun. >> and they smell. thank you, sir. the forecast once again and back to ginger zee. >> speaking of washington, d.c., yesterday their high was 80 degrees. today, only 53 and that's about where you're waking up. we see a live shot there. hasn't started raining but with that cold front will come some rain from d.c. all the way through the northeast, and up through parts of new england. so that's what we can expect here with the cooler temperatures as that low slowly tracks north and east, watch this, 55 for the high today in new york. pittsburgh, only 53, detroit, 54. chicago has 50ment you have the twin cities marathon and chicago marathon both looking very good for running. do we rebound? the answer is gentlemen. 65 for tuesday on chicago, boston, 61 so there's a little bit coming in there. miami, one of the wettest years on record, likely going to happen by the end of the year. we'll be watching that. more rain today. that's air look at the big picture.
4:20 am
>> there are some times when photographs look painted. that's what i have to share with you. this twitter photograph we got from the carolinas, i believe. yes, down there, north carolina, oh, all the color, the purple, the entire rainbow in there and get them on the trees foo. fall colors from the hudson valley. thanks for the twitter photos. send me more. >> i said it before, i want to hang you on my wall. >> thanks, ginger. i think it's fair to call david blaine a glutton for punishment, buried alive, encased in ice and submerged in water so now farrelly he's opting for
4:21 am
electrocution. >> at this hour 1 million volts are slowly flowing across his body and won't stop until tomorrow night. n rachel smith has the story. >> reporter: underground, high in the sky and even frozen solid, he's walked away from it all. >> david blaine, whoo! >> reporter: illusionist david blaine's latest death-defying stunt has been electrified. i got closer to the ear-piercing electrical sphere than any other journalist. i imagine your feet are probably throbbing at this point. >> they swelled up so big that it ripped a hole in the chain mail. >> reporter: the 39-year-old endurance artist is pushing the envelope yet again with this shocking spectacle, spanning 73 hours in a 40-foot globe with a million volts of crackling electricity flowing toward him but is the public really buying the hype? >> because some people pay say it's great but in all honesty,
4:22 am
this is amazing. >> he's really cool, the stunts he does. >> reporter: in the latest stunts the audience can actually take part controlling the intensity of the electricity. 's-life video game. >> it is. people can come down here and interact and control the electricity but also at pop-up locations in beijing, sydney and london. >> reporter: but a game with real-life consequences like how does he go to the bathroom. >> a catheter a special tubing system so we have fluids going in, we have fluids going out and he'll be okay. >> reporter: there is, of course, a chance that something could go wrong. but it's the possibility of the unthinkable that keeps us all in awe of the illusion. for "good morning america," rachel smith, abc news, new york. >> any stunt that involves a catheter, i say no to. coming up here on "good morning america," search party of 800 people all to find a 10-year-old girl who vanished on her way to school. are there any clues here? >> plus, surviving a plane crash. we'll show you how a dramatic
4:23 am
test of a 727 jetliner crashing into the desert will help passengers learn how to survive. i love this. >> and the joys of being a kid, learning how to ride a mountain bike for the first time. keep it here. ♪ set the world on fire ♪ we can burn brighter than the sun ♪ >> and the joys of being a kid, wait for it... wait for it...
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incredible shocking video that shows us exactly what it's like inside a 727 when it crashes. more important, the stunning tests may also teach us what to do and how to survive in case a plane goes down. good morning, america. i'm bianna golodryga. >> and i'm dan harris. those pictures are extraordinary. they crashed that plane on purpose and learned a lot in the process. also coming up here, check this out. this is an extraordinary moment. we're going to show you what happens when a bunch of ducks that lived in neglect for their lives held by by a hoarder, this is when they're introduced to water for the first time, we're going show you how they take it. it takes a little while but it's great when it hatches. >> to that desperate search for a 10-year-old girl near denver, colorado. time and the weather are now factors in the hunt for jessica ridgeway. she failed to show up at school friday morning and there is no
4:31 am
sign of where she went or what may have happened to her. abc's clayton sandell has the story. >> reporter: good morning, bianna. this morning police say they will bring in a new set of search dogs to help find little jessica ridgeway. but there was no active police search for the 10-year-old overnight and they've called off volunteer search teams for later today. investigators are desperate for clues in a case that so far has had precious few. in near freezing temperatures an army of over 800 volunteers came to help find jessica. scouring fields, trails and hillsides saturday near her home. >> right now they're just asking us to find anything that's out of the ordinary, any kind of evidence that we could find. >> reporter: at roadblocks police and fbi agents are stopping everyone asking questions, searching cars. >> in the last couple of days, weeks, have you heard anything suspicious? >> reporter: cops are saturating the streets knocking on every
4:32 am
door. a team of divers was sent to check a lake near jessica's house but found nothing. police are even scanning social media for clues. >> we were hoping that we were going to get anything just a piece that was really going to steer this investigation and guide us into a more focused way and we still are -- it's a very broad investigation. we just don't have that piece yet. >> reporter: jessica left home friday morning to meet up with friends for the walk to school. but the girl with the pink and purple glasses never arrived. her school called home but her mother sarah, who works nights and was asleep missed the call. she woke that afternoon to a nightmare. by the time she called police jessica had been missing eight hours. investigators are now reviewing recent calls for possible connections. they note that just two weeks ago jessica's school sent home a letter warning about strangers. now, even though there is a custody battle between jessica's mother and father who lives in missouri, police say the family
4:33 am
is cooperative and there are no suspects. we still have not heard from jessica's mother. friends say she is too devastated to speak publicly. bianna, dan. >> one can only imagine. all right, our thanks to clayton and now a check on the other developing stories right now. back to ron. >> that jet video. i don't want to know what it's like to be inside a 727 when it crashes. pretty frightening. good morning, everyone. in the news mitt romney and president obama are back on the campaign trail today with just 30 days left until election day. romney is in the battleground state of florida. that's for the second straight day and the president is campaigning and fund-raising in california. fears of violence in venezuela as people head to the polls to vote for president. this is the biggest challenge yet to president hugo chavez since taking power. he took power 14 years ago. and israel has released this video of a jet shooting down a drone that crossed into israeli airspace saturday, the military doesn't know where that drone came from but it is rare for drones to fly into israeli airspace. finally after a successful test
4:34 am
flight in may, private company spacex is hoping to launch its second capsule to the international space station tonight. the capsule will deliver about a thousand pounds of food, clothing and gear including ice cream for breakfast. time now for the weather. my favorite, over to ginger zee. >> yum. okay, so the high temperature yesterday in denver was only 36. lakewood, colorado where today temperatures will be more like the mid-50s and much more autumn like. perfect to see colors. in parts of colorado already at peak. 54 for denver today but by tomorrow into tuesday will be rebounding and by tuesday back into the 70s. a lot of warmth spreading there. phoenix, 94, san diego, 73, los angeles today at 79. so warmer and drier out west especially compared to what we've been seeing here in the northeast. we've been talking so much about all that cold so we'll fly from west to east, portland, 75, the center of the nation just a few showers there in parts of north texas, waco, a8. hot and humid, tampa just about
4:35 am
90 degrees and here is where you really have to a attention. chicago marathon at 50 and atlantic city, only 56. that's a look at the big picture. >> this weather report brought to you by pedigree. dan and bianna. >> ginger, thank you. he unwittingly became the focus of the first showdown between president obama and mitt romney, and last night on "saturday night live," big bird finally had his say. >> why are you yawning? are you bored already. >> no, no, it's just like it's seven hours past my bedtime. >> okay. do you have any political statement you'd like to make? >> no, i don't want to ruffle any feathers. >> he was so diplomatic. >> yes, he was. >> he really could have -- yes, he's got a future in this
4:36 am
business. coming up here on "good morning america," an extraordinary story. learns from "dancing with the stars: all-stars." an intentional "dancing with the stars: all-stars." survival lessons from crashing a perfectly good 727 into the desert. and every parent faces this problem sometime, getting a baby to eat. see how this dad solves problems, gangnam style. ♪ ♪ gangnam style than going betg and by donating our food to shelters in need, pedigree is doing more than ever to help shelter dogs get adopted. ♪ now you can help too. when you buy a bag of pedigree, you'll help us feed more shelter dogs. keeping more dogs healthy, happy, and ready to go home. ♪ join us. feed your dog pedigree. and you'll help us feed more shelter dogs. can your moisturizer do that? [ female announcer ] dermatologist recommended aveeno has an oat formula,
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you are about to see what it's like from the passenger's perspective when catastrophe strikes and a jetliner crashes. this is an ambitious and dangerous test. >> a boeing 727 was intentionally crashed in the desert to learn what really happens to passengers when a plane goes down and how they can survive it. it's part of the discovery channel's plane crash and neal karlinsky has the story. >> reporter: watching the most dramatic moments of a one-way trip ever recorded. this boeing 727 is being deliberately crashed into the desert. on board more than $500,000 worth of crash test dummies, 38 specialized cameras sensors and a crew of incredibly daring
4:41 am
pilots wearing parachutes. minutes before impact they bail out of a hatch in the back of the plane. >> choppers away. choppers away. >> reporter: then the huge jetliner careens into the ground. a horrific yet survivable crash that tears the plane apart. this stunning made to order catastrophe was done for the discovery channel show "curiosity plane crash." after 40 years of planning and with a huge team of experts all to better understand what really happens to people on board. >> i suspect this one may have a concussion. that one may have a broken leg. >> reporter: dr. cindy burr was in charge of the unlucky passengers, she told us her data makes crystal clear that bracing for impact can be a life saver. what should you do -- >> put your head down, put your hands over. >> over your head. >> and just hold it. >> and that works? >> well, yes. it does. >> reporter: the crash was a
4:42 am
belly flop slightly nose first. passengers near the front took the brunt of it, rows seven and forward were considered fate at. seat 7a was actually catapulted out of the plane. many of the seat belted passengers who didn't bend over to brace had spinal injuries from jerking forward in their lap belts. >> we'll put both on and we'll see what happens. >> reporter: she showed us something else in her lab, a simulated mother holding an infant on her lap. a familiar money saver for parents everywhere. after a relatively minor impact, the mother can't hold on. even though she's done the same thing as a parent, dr. burr says have agent child on your lap is simply not safe. >> there's no way. that impact can so severe there is to way you could hold that child. >> reporter: it revealed other things too like the tremendous amount of debris that is deadly to anyone sitting upright. also how critical it is to make
4:43 am
your way out fast generally sitting within five rows of an exit gives a passenger the best odds. >> that was quite possibly the most spectacular thing i've ever seen in my life. >> reporter: the science of destruction, a picture-perfect crash, a wrecked jetliner and a treasure trove of new information about what it takes to survive the unthinkable. for "good morning america," neal karlinsky, abc news, detroit. >> so don't sit in first class. >> yeah. >> don't hold your baby in your lap. >> and buy an extra seat for that child. yeah. >> fascinating report. our thanks to neal karlinsky and curiosity plane crash airs on the discovery channel tonight. open wide, the innovative solution one family found for the baby who just would not eat. ♪ gang gam namm style ♪ [ male announcer ] at walgreens,
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♪ you are an obsession you're my obsession ♪ >> all right, cue the music, you know what that mean, time for "fixation" where we show you images and videos that caught our attention. i will start first. almost nothing better than to hear the sounds of a child in pure rapture and enjoyment. what happened to malcolm, 4-year-old boy in maine goes mountain biking with his father for the first time. there goes the dad and listen to malcolm as he reacts. wait for it. ♪ so i set the world on fire >> here he goes. >> i did it, dad. >> congratulations. >> i love it. >> he loves it. >> i love it, dad. >> ron has something a little less inspiring. >> well, this is unusual. i was messing around on the internet yesterday and i came across this video out of croatia of all places, consider this a
4:49 am
kind of male rite of passage here. this kid -- i figure he's about 10 years old. yes, he's looking at this tv talk show host's cleavage and he gets rather audacious about it as -- yeah, the story like nothing happened. check this dude out. >> that kid is slick. >> ah. >> take it easy, guys, take it easy. >> we have some video that is actually really quite moving. there are these ducks, more than a hundred of them rescued from a hoarder. they were living in terrible condition, it was dirty, they didn't have access to veterinary care. they didn't see sunlight and now they're being introduced to the water for the very first time. it takes a while to get them in but look what happens when they finally get them in the water. they love it. they didn't know what they were getting into. look -- they're just dunking their heads and having a great time. >> like 4-year-old malcolm. >> competition, who is having
4:50 am
more fun. >> babies don't always have fun eating and benjamin of london really has trouble. his parents say sitting down and making him eat so check out this video. they found a solution, though. >> benjamin. come on, lunch. >> very upset, no. >> i don't want it. >> so mom and dad say this is what we're going to do. we're going to play -- ♪ >> that was it. >> that works. >> that works. >> gangnam style, the popular song and it is incredible. this video, when you see -- >> look at him. >> parents, give me some food and he likes the music almost. ♪ gangnam style >> he's entranced and tried other things that work but this is failproof. they don't let him watch a lot of tv but when they have to get the nutrition in. >> as a parent, whatever it takes. whatever it takes. all right, well, if there is a story, video or picture you
4:51 am
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4:56 am
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